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Hamilton County Emergency Notification System Signup Form
Hamilton County Emergency Management with the support of the Local Emergency Planning Committee, and Hamilton County 911 has implemented a mass notification system that has the capability to rapidly contact county residents and businesses via recorded phone messages, text messages, or e-mail messages in case of emergency.

Hamilton County Emergency Services will use Alert Hamilton County to notify residents and businesses of emergencies or critical situations and provide information regarding necessary actions, such as the need to shelter in place or evacuate.

Alert Hamilton County utilizes registered contact information to notify the user of an emergency situation associated with the registered address. If the call is picked up by an answering machine, the system will leave a recorded message. If the number called is busy or does not answer, the system will redial the number in an attempt to deliver the message. The system is TTY/TDD compatible to serve people who are hearing impaired.

If you have a landline, cellular, or Voice over IP number or if you would like an e-mail notification, you must register those telephone numbers and/or e-mail address by completing the registration form below. Each telephone number and/or e-mail address can only be associated with one street address in the system.

(This option is for those who wish to register their own phone numbers, have internet access and an email address to use as a login.  After registering, you can come back at a later time and sign in using your email address and the password you created to make changes or updates to the information you submitted originally.)
(This option is for those who wish to register someone who has no internet access or email address to give as a login. This is a one time entry and no changes can be made to the registration after submittal. You can come back at a later time and complete a new registration for any changes or updates to the phone numbers.)
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