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Our mission is to provide an independent and objective assurance of governmental activities designed to add value, improve operations and help achieve county-wide goals.
Primary functions of the Internal Audit Department include audits of departments, offices, agencies, programs, etc. which operate under the auspices of Hamilton County Government. Audits may include reviews of internal control and accounting systems, reviews of the efficiency and effectiveness of programs or activities, and compliance, performance and financial audits.
• Conduct timely internal audits and reviews while serving as a resource to Hamilton County Government and its constituents
• Perform duties in accordance with the highest professional standards
• Conduct external audits to ensure Hotel-Motel Taxes are collected and remitted properly
• Minimize fraud, theft, waste and abuse of government funds via discovery, investigation, tips, fraud hot-line, etc.
• Ensure financial transactions are in compliance with State laws
• Train/assist departments with necessary tools to understand business and financial tasks
• Perform annual reporting of Debt Service and Cost of Housing inmates
• Biennial reviews of Volunteer Fire Departments and Rescue Services
In FY2018 this office will visit 80+ Hotels/Motels/Bed & Breakfasts/AirBNB’s/VRBO’s for audit of Occupancy Taxes for Hamilton County, Cities of Chattanooga, East Ridge and Collegedale. We will audit eight constitutional offices which include Circuit Court Clerk, Clerk & Master, Criminal Court Clerk, County Clerk, Juvenile Court Clerk, Register, Sheriff and Trustee. Our external auditors, Mauldin & Jenkins, LLC, work closely with us in performing audits of these eight offices. In addition, we will schedule audits of various government offices and programs, while being available to investigate new issues that have arisen and remaining accessible to staff who need our technical assistance. Each auditor is required to complete forty hours of Continuing Professional Education each year.
To Report Fraud, Waste & Abuse:
Dial 1-800-232-5454 or Click here to be directed to the online reporting form.
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