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The Corrections Department mission is to provide a safe, secure and humane institutional setting for those persons requiring incarceration in Hamilton County as well as meaningful correctional programs in an effort to deter criminal behavior.
Hamilton County Government contracts with Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) to manage its Silverdale Corrections Facility. The Corrections Department is responsible for monitoring the activities of CCA. To this end, the Department oversees housing, care and security of convicted misdemeanants and felons--both male and female. Silverdale is the only facility in Hamilton County that houses female. Inmates participate in a variety of daily activities, including but not limited to, highway maintenance and landscaping for the Highway Department, laundry detail for the local nursing home, landscaping for the Recreation Department, maintenance for the Education Department, and food service and maintenance for the Silverdale facility.
The Corrections Department also manages five additional programs for Hamilton County. Designed to serve offenders who pose no immediate threat to the public, these programs have been developed to assist the rehabilitative process for non-violent offenders while at the same time provide significant services to the community through a variety of work projects. They include:

  • Felony Community Corrections Program
  • Misdemeanant Community Corrections Program
  • Courts Community Service Program
  • Corrections System Improvement Program
  • Probation
These programs are an integral part of Hamilton County's Corrections Department.

Workhouse Records is also operated under the direction of the Corrections Department. This office is accountable for processing and housing records of inmates at the Silverdale facility. It also prepares monthly billing for housing state and federal prisoners at the facility.
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