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The Development Department is responsible for researching and developing ways to finance new programs and facilities. Activities include grant writing, program coordination, representation, financial reporting, maintenance of grant records, and compliance monitoring.
The Department helped develop industrial projects such as the Ooltewah Industrial Park, Centre South Riverport, Bonny Oaks Industrial Park and the Business Development Center. Grants have also supported a variety of expansion and relocation projects for area industries including Gibraltar Steel, DuPont, and Siskin Steel. The Department is working toward the redevelopment of the Enterprise South Industrial Park and a new high-tech incubator that will assist entrepreneurs develop technology-based businesses. In Public Works, our Department has worked to provide extensions of sewer lines and the provision of a safe, dependable source of drinking water for outlying areas of the County. Our support for Parks and Recreation includes numerous grants for County parks, the new Coolidge Park and the Tennessee Riverpark. The Department has also worked with the Army Corps of Engineers on a variety of major riverfront development and erosion control projects.
Funding has been gained for a variety of Social Service programs including group homes for youth, the Gardner House Runaway Shelter, and the Parents Are First Teachers pre-school program. Other programs supported include the Community Corrections Program, the Corrections Department, and the Juvenile Court. The Department also assists the County Rural Transportation Service. The Department supports a Housing Improvement Program in association with Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprises that provides low-interest loans to eligible homeowners for housing rehabilitation, new construction and emergency repairs. The  Development Department works on grants for community development and human services. It was the lead agency in the development of the new Finley Stadium and Cricket Pavilion. We also coordinate federal Criminal Justice grants including COPS and LLEBG for the Sheriff’s Department and the District Attorney General’s Office. The Department applies for grants from foundations including Benwood, Lyndhurst, and Community.
The Department is responsible for ongoing grants management. This entails maintaining files and computerized information on finances and various program data for reporting. It monitors compliance to assure that regulations are met. County Development also provides services such as studies of community need, surveys, and development of long and short-term plans. It assists other County departments and agencies in preparing news releases, proposals, resolutions, and nominations for awards. The Department prepares environment assessments and permit applications. Representatives serve on various development committees for new projects, and the staff is active in the process of recruiting and locating new businesses.
The Hamilton County Development Department has an ongoing record of success in developing projects that serve the needs of our citizens and assist the growth of our community. 
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