Views of Hamilton County
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Mayor Jim Coppinger
As the Chief Fiscal Officer for the County, it is the Mayor’s responsibility to oversee the preparation and administration of official budgets and financial reports. In conjunction with division heads, the Mayor manages the daily operations of County General Government and ensures that all applicable laws, policies, and resolutions are implemented.
County Commissioners
The County Commission is the legislative and policy-making body of the County. It is composed of nine residents who are elected from and represent nine districts within the County. Commission members are elected for four-year terms.
Assessor of Property Marty Haynes
The Hamilton County Assessor of Property sets an appraised value on each parcel of land located in Hamilton County and any improvements on it for assessment purposes except for public utility and railroad property whose value is determined by the Office of State Assessed Properties.
Circuit Court Clerk Larry L. Henry
The Clerk of the Circuit Court maintains Circuit and Sessions Civil Courts.
Criminal Court Clerk Vince Dean
The duties of the Criminal Court Clerk are numerous and varied but basically break down to the keeper of the records for the Criminal Courts of Hamilton County.
Clerk & Master
The Clerk & Master serves in the dual role of Clerk of the Chancery Court and the Master in Chancery for the Eleventh Judicial District of Tennessee.
County Clerk Bill Knowles
Duties relating to licenses include vehicle registrations, marriage, business, driver license renewal, and fish and game permits. Applications for Notaries Public and pawnbrokers are also processed by the Clerk's office.
Juvenile Court Clerk Gary Behler
The office of the Juvenile Court Clerk services as a hub for processing and maintaining all legal documents for the Juvenile Court. The Clerk's Office collects Court Cost and Fines that are placed in the County General Fund.
Register of Deeds Marc Gravitt
The principal duty of the County Register's office is to record deeds and other instruments required or allowed to be filed by law; as stated in Tennessee Code 66-24-101. Writings eligible for registration include deeds, powers of attorney, mortgages, marriage settlements, plats, military discharges, etc. The Register is also responsible for collecting and accounting for all fees and taxes due as allowed by law.
Sheriff Jim Hammond
Provides the County with law enforcement services.
Trustee Bill Hullander
The County Trustee is an elected constitutional officer who acts as Treasurer for all funds of the Hamilton County Government, including the Hamilton County School System. In this capacity, the County Trustee is bound by law to collect all county property taxes, keep a fair regular account of all money received for County Government, and invest temporarily idle County funds.
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