Views of Hamilton County
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The Hamilton County Engineering Department provides engineering and administration services to the properties and projects of Hamilton County. Reviews all subdivisions to make sure all subdivision regulations are met with respect to roadway construction and drainage; reviews subdivision plats for correctness; prepares cost estimates and plans for traffic signs, signals and striping; maintains a record of all County roads and publishes a yearly road book; issues road cut permits for utilities in county roads and inspects cut-ins; responds to and investigates storm drainage complaints; maintains a computerized accident record system; testifies in lawsuits with respect to various Public Works problems; prepares all necessary documents for long range transportation planning for the Metropolitan Planning Organization; prepares design plans and specifications and provides construction administration of miscellaneous projects in Hamilton County; administers design contracts by outside consultants.
  • Provide surveys, designs, plan preparation and construction documents for County road projects, recreation projects, bridge and storm drainage needs, sewer projects, industrial parks, office building renovations, small building projects, traffic improvements, etc. 
  • Provide for the administration of architect and engineer contracts and of construction contracts, both grant funded and non-grant funded. 
  • Administrate County contracted architect and engineering services to provide the most cost effective way to construct roads, bridges, buildings, etc. 
  • Provide solutions to drainage problems; coordinate troubleshooting of drainage problems with the Highway Department and Water Quality Program, schedule field inspections as necessary to assure that the recommended solution is carried out. 
  • Monitor the construction of new subdivisions to assure compliance with subdivision regulations. Work in conjunction with the Chattanooga Hamilton County Regional Planning Agency in reviewing subdivision plats.
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