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The Finance Administrator is responsible for managing all of the County’s financial affairs. He provides financial information and advice to the County Mayor, County Commission, and Directors and Administrators. He strives to provide support to County management for making financial decisions necessary to properly manage the County’s resources.

The Finance Administrator supervises the directors of the five departments within the Finance Division: Accounting (Accounts Payable, Ambulance Billing, Payroll), Financial Management, Purchasing, Information Technology Services and Geographic Information Services. These departments provide budget and accounting services, financial reporting, investment management and debt financing, as well as computer and mapping services to Hamilton County Government.

This office is responsible for developing and controlling the County’s budget of 472 million dollars; manages the County’s investment portfolio; and serves as the technical expert on bond issues.
For your convenience, our mailing and office location addresses are as follows:
US Postal Service Address (USPS) Physical Address:  For Common Carrier/Hand Delivery
Hamilton County Finance Division Hamilton County Finance Division
123 East Seventh Street 455 North Highland Park Avenue
Chattanooga, TN 37402 Chattanooga, TN 37404
  • Maintain the Government Finance Officers Association Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting. Submit to GFOA the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the Comprehensive Annual Budget Report and the Popular Annual Financial Report for review and evaluation.
  • Prepare the County’s budget.   
  • Maintain a healthy general fund balance by practicing conservative financial management and assess all available resources to meet operating budget and capital requirements.
  • Take advantage of investment opportunities that will increase the County’s assets.
  • Maintain or upgrade the County’s bond rating
Current County Bond Ratings:
Moody's Investors Service - Aaa
Fitch Inc. - AAA
Standard & Poor's - AAA
  1. As a charitable/non-profit organization, what to I need to do to request funds from the County?
    You should request a budget package that is prepared to go out in March of each year (call 209-6307). Along with that you should send the most current financial statement you have and a copy of your 501-c-3 verification from the Internal Revenue Service.

    If you are receiving money from your commissioner, you should submit a current financ ial statement and a copy of your 501-c-3 verification.
  2. Who do I contact regarding my industrial development bonds?
    Mr. Ross Schram (423) 756-7000
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