Views of Hamilton County
Blue Rounded Corner
The Highway Department’s main function is to maintain 880 miles of surface treatment, hot mix paved roads, and bridges to a level that is safe to the traveling public. County vehicles and equipment maintenance, Traffic Shop, Landscaping and parts from Stockroom are also provided as separate activities.
  • Maintains county roadways and right-of-ways
  • Installs driveway tiles and builds headwalls on driveways
  • Maintains county parking lots, school parking lots, and pavement at county recreation facilities
  • Removes ice and snow from roadways during emergency conditions
  • Removes fallen trees and dead animals from roadways
  • Installs street signs and markers Stripes county roads and marks streets accordingly
  • Maintains county vehicles for all departments Provides wrecker service for immobilized county vehicles
  • Repairs damaged county vehicles (i.e. body work, etc.)
  1. Who do I contact regarding driver’s license?
    Tennessee State Driver’s License Center (423) 634-6218
  2. Who do I contact regarding city road repairs?
    Chattanooga Public Works Dial 311
  3. Who do I call regarding interstate questions?
    State of Tennessee Department of Transportation (423) 892-3430
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