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The Human Resources Department is a service agency that coordinates human resource management activities for Hamilton County General Government, the Assessor of Property, Hamilton County Juvenile Court and the Hamilton County Juvenile Court Clerk's office.
Services Include:
  • Administering and maintaining the Career Service System’s policies and procedures and the employee handbook
  • Recruiting applicants, advertising vacancies and processing employment applications
  • Maintaining the position classification plan, including job descriptions
  • Administering the employee compensation plan
  • Coordinating and managing the bi-annual performance evaluation process
  • Providing employee orientation & training
  • Maintaining employee records
  • Administering and maintaining the employee benefit package
  • Rendering decisions within the appellate process
  • Assisting departments with the promotional & disciplinary process
  • Conducting employee exit interviews
  • Administering the Employee Assistance and DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs
  • Coordinating employee recognition programs
  • Assist departments in ensuring that vacancies are filled in a timely manner
  • Coordinate the annual compensation survey
  • Provide training to current employees to enhance job performance skills
  • Provide a reasonable and attractive fringe benefits package
  • Provide assistance to departments to ensure consistent application of the Career Service System policies and procedures
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