Views of Hamilton County
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The Human Services Division's (HSD) mission statement is to "Serve the citizens of Hamilton County". It is responsible for all areas of government that touch the people directly. HSD is accountable for the organization, operation and supervision of four departments in Hamilton County General Government. They are:
Together these departments provide more than 200 programs/services covering a wide spectrum of activities.

In addition to the services it delivers, HSD must continuously research additional ways for Hamilton County Government to meet the needs of local citizens - especially in regard to recreation, corrections, and emergency services.

For more information on these departments, please use the links on this page to access their individual departments.

For information regarding the services provided by the State of Tennessee Department of Human Services call 423-634-6200

(from left: Worth Lillard, Director of Maintenance; Tony Reavley, Director of Emergency Services; Don Allen, Administrator of Human Services; Barbara Payne, Director of Corrections; Ron Priddy, Director of Parks and Recreation)
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