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Unidentified Deceased Individuals
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Case FA99-2


On July 1, 1991, a body was discovered very near the Bi-Lo (then called Red Food Store) on 23rd St. in Chattanooga, TN.  No identification was found with the body.  His profile appears to be that of transient/homeless.  He was found with plastic isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) bottles, and the toxicology analysis demonstrated the presence of isopropyl alcohol in his system.

AGE:           30-35 years (estimated)
SEX:            Male
RACE:         White
HEIGHT:      68.5 - 72”, or 5’8˝” – 6’ (estimated)
WEIGHT:     135-145 lbs. (estimated)
HAIR:          Light-to-Medium Brown, 2-3” in length

Antemortem trauma is any injury that occurs to the body before death.  These events can leave permanent marks on bones.  A comparison of antemortem medical records and marks found on bones could lead to a positive identification of a skeleton.  This individual had several healed antemortem fractures that might be remembered by someone who knew him:
     Fracture #1:  Healed fracture of the right fifth metacarpal.  This is the bone on the outside of
     the palm on the “little finger” side of right hand.
     Fracture #2:  Healed fracture of the nose and left cheek, involving the left eye orbit.
     Fracture #3:  Healed fractures of the ribs.  On the right:  #’s 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11.  On
     the left:  #’s 5, 6, 7, and 8.
Suffered from severe periodontitis.  The following dental restorations are given by quadrants. 
     AMALGAM FILLINGS:             2 upper right (#3 and #5)
                                               1 upper left (#11)
                                               1 lower left (#19)
                                               1 lower right (#31)
     MISSING TEETH:                  #7 (just to the right of the top two front teeth)
                                               #12, #13, and #14 (top left)
                                               #17 (lower left)
                                               #30 and #32 (lower right)
This individual was wearing a black North American Van Lines T-shirt (moving company), blue jeans, white brief underwear, white socks, and white athletic shoes with black and gray accents.  He had two travel bags with him, both filled with clothing (mostly moving company T-shirts), and one bag read “Maupintour US.”
Possibly suffered from chronic sinusitis

3-D Facial Reconstruction of Case #FA91-1.  Keep in mind that the reconstructionist could only guess at certain soft tissue features, such as eye color, lip form, ear shape, and shape of the tip of the nose.  Observe the more enduring features such as the chin, cheeks, teeth, and eye regions.
fa991-1.jpg (42015 bytes)
FA991-1_side.jpg (43466 bytes)
FA991-1_oblique.jpg (39110 bytes)

If this profile sounds like the description of someone you know to be missing, please contact the Chattanooga Police Department, Major Crimes Division at (423) 698-9539. 

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