Views of Hamilton County
Blue Rounded Corner
The primary function of the Hamilton County Real Property Office is to serve as the real estate department for Hamilton County Government. Official responsibilities include managing all sales and lease agreements for County-owned property, administrating the sale of industrial park property, and selling County-owned and jointly-owned (City/County) surplus property.
Since the Real Property Office was established in 1981 there have been 2,043 parcels of unused public property returned to the tax rolls producing $4.8 million in sale revenue as of April 2006. Industrial park property sales have generated over $19 million creating over 2,000 new jobs for the Hamilton County area. The development of the County's industrial parks has facilitated over $332 million in private investment within the parks and has generated over $35 million in taxes. Currently over 4,641 employees work in the County's industrial parks. 
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