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  • Click on Access Our Data from our main webpage or use your web browser to go to the following address: http://Register.HamiltonTN.Gov

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<TAB> twice or click in box

Each User will enter Account ID, press <TAB>, enter Password and press <ENTER> or click the button

  • Select the search type you need by clicking the appropriate line of text (this is a link to the search engine).

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Enter your last name, then enter first name, enter then middle name, or initial. <TAB> through all fields before pressing <ENTER> ; <ENTER> will submit the search.

Enter the date range.

<TAB> all the way down to the box where date range appears, or if you pass it, you may click in that box. Type the date as 01-Jan-1998. Then press <TAB> <TAB>

The machine is defaulted to search all documents, and search all grantors and grantees at the same time. If you want to narrow this down, you may want to select other options under document group, or document type, and party type.

When the information comes up, you may click on the line or use the scroll bar on the right margin of the screen to select the line your are interested in - this will display the detail information.

Select when your are finished sifting through the information, and it will clear your screen for a new search.