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FUNCTION: The board hears appeals from citizens who do not agree with their property assessments.
LEGAL BASIS: Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 67-1-401
APPOINTMENT: Three members appointed by Hamilton County.
Two members appointed from the City of Chattanooga.
SIZE: Five members
TERM: Two years.
HEARING: The Board begins meeting June 1, 2020. Appeal forms must be obtained from the Hamilton County Assessor of Property’s Office. COMPLETED APPEAL FORMS MUST BE RETURNED TO ASSESSOR’S OFFICE BEFORE 4:00 PM ON JUNE 12, 2020.

Tennessee Code Annotated 67-5-1407 requires that property owners have basis for their complaint and provide evidence to support their complaint. Appeal forms may be rejected by the Board based on the following:
  1. Evidence to support items (A), (B), (C) not properly completed
  2. Opinion of market value not provided
  3. Income and lease information not provided
  4. Construction cost not provided
  5.  Confirmed sale information not provided
  6.  Letter of authorization not provided


Name     Term Expires    
Sharon Moody Wilson 05/2022
Robert Nodes 05/2022
Jesse Kukier 05/2022
William Ladd 05/2022
Bea Lurie 05/2022


Name     Term Expires    
Laura Beth Covington 05/2022
David Young 05/2022
Waller Reece 05/2022
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