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To request an Informal Review:

1. Please complete the form below. All pertinent information is found on your Assessment Change Notice.
2. Describe your questions/concerns as clearly and concisely as possible in
the “Owners Request” field.
3. Click the “Submit” button when finished.

A separate request must be submitted for each property appeal.

ALL information MUST be completed in order to submit:

Property Owner's Name: 


Mailing Address   
City, State and Zip Code   

Parcel ID  

Classification (MUST CHOOSE ONE) :


Daytime Phone Number   

Current Appraisal   

Owner's Opinion of Value   

Email Address:

OWNER'S REQUEST: Please state the reason for requesting your informal review. Please provide evidence that would support your opinion.

Submitted By:

Relationship to Owner 

If you selected REPRESENTATIVE, You MUST enter your Name and Relationship to the Owner or this request will not be completed.



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