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Minutes of the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners are prepared by the Hamilton County Clerk.  Minutes and audio are available online for six months in pdf format.  Any minutes or audio over six months old can be found here on our resolutions webpage.  Audio of the meetings are also available below. Adobe Flash Player is required to listen to the audio.
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Videos of County Commission Meetings held after April 3rd, 2019, can be viewed on the
County Commission Livestream playlist.
Subscribe to the county's YouTube channel and click the bell icon to receive notifications when the next meeting is being streamed live.
Meeting Date Minutes Flash Audio MP3 Audio
09/16/20 Commission Meeting Youtube MP3
09/09/20 Agenda Preparation Session for 09/16/20 Youtube MP3
09/09/20 Recessed Meeting from 09/02/20 Youtube MP3
09/02/20 Commission Meeting Youtube MP3
08/26/20 Agenda Preparation Session for 09/02/20 Youtube MP3
08/26/20 Recessed Meeting from 08/19/20 Youtube MP3
08/19/20 Commission Meeting Youtube MP3
08/12/20 Agenda Preparation Session for 08/19/20 Youtube MP3
08/12/20 Recessed Meeting from 08/05/20 Youtube MP3
08/05/20 Commission Meeting Youtube MP3
07/29/20 Agenda Preparation Session for 08/05/20 Youtube MP3
07/29/20 Recessed Meeting from 07/15/20 Youtube MP3
07/01/20 Commission Meeting Youtube MP3
07/08/20 Agenda Preparation Session for 07/15/20 Youtube MP3
07/08/20 Recessed Meeting from 07/01/20 Youtube MP3
07/01/20 Commission Meeting Youtube MP3
06/24/20 Agenda Preparation Session for 07/01/20 Youtube MP3
06/24/20 Recessed Meeting from 06/17/20 Youtube MP3
06/17/20 Recessed Meeting from 06/10/20 Youtube MP3
06/10/20 Recessed Meeting from 06/03/20 Youtube MP3
06/03/20 Recessed Meeting from 05/27/20 Youtube MP3
05/27/20 Recessed Meeting from 05/20/20 Youtube MP3
05/20/20 Recessed Meeting from 05/13/20 Youtube MP3
05/13/20 Recessed Meeting from 05/06/20 Youtube MP3
05/06/20 Recessed Meeting from 04/29/20 Youtube MP3
04/29/20 Recessed Meeting from 04/22/20 Youtube MP3
04/22/20 Recessed Meeting from 04/15/20 Youtube MP3
04/15/20 Recessed Meeting from 04/08/20 Youtube MP3
04/08/20 Recessed Meeting from 04/01/20 Youtube MP3
04/01/20 Recessed Meeting from 03/25/20 Audio MP3
03/25/20 Recessed Meeting from 03/18/20 Audio MP3
03/18/20 Commission Meeting Audio MP3
03/11/20 Agenda Preparation Session for 03/18/20 Audio MP3
03/11/20 Recessed Meeting from 03/04/20 Audio MP3
03/04/20 Commission Meeting Audio MP3
02/26/20 Agenda Preparation Session for 03/04/20 Audio MP3
02/26/20 Recessed Meeting from 02/19/20 Audio MP3
02/19/20 Commission Meeting Audio MP3
02/12/20 Agenda Preparation Session for 02/19/20 Audio MP3
02/12/20 Recessed Meeting from 02/05/20 Audio MP3
02/05/20 Commission Meeting Audio MP3
01/29/20 Agenda Preparation Session for 02/05/20 Audio MP3
01/29/20 Recessed Meeting from 01/15/20 Audio MP3
01/15/20 Commission Meeting Audio MP3
01/08/20 Agenda Preparation Session for 01/15/20 Audio MP3
01/08/20 Recessed Meeting from 01/02/20 Audio MP3
01/02/20 Recessed Meeting from 12/31/19 Audio MP3
12/26/19 Recessed Meeting from 12/18/19 Audio MP3
12/18/19 Commission Meeting Audio MP3
12/11/19 Agenda Preparation Session for 12/18/19 Audio MP3
12/11/19 Recessed Meeting from 12/04/19 Audio MP3
12/04/19 Commission Meeting Audio MP3
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