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The Corrections Department’s mission is to offer programs that are an alternative to incarceration and that focus on work ethic and a more structured lifestyle with the intent of reducing recidivism and safety of the community.
The Hamilton County Corrections Department consists of five Alternative Sentencing Programs designed to serve offenders who are assigned by the Criminal, General Sessions and multiple Municipality Courts located in Hamilton County. The programs provide multiple levels of supervision to assist the courts in carrying out the intended type of supervision and offering an alternative to incarceration therefore reducing overcrowding in the Hamilton County Jail and Workhouse, while also providing services to the community through a variety of community service projects. The programs provided are:
  • Felony Community Corrections Program
  • Misdemeanant Community Corrections and Probation
  • Pretrial Services
  • Courts Community Service
These programs are an integral part of Hamilton County's Corrections Department.
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