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Chancery Court
Clerk & Master
The Chancery Court handles cases involving domestic relations, worker’s compensation, estates, trusts, contracts, review of administrative action of governmental agencies and boards, collection of delinquent taxes, guardianships, and conservatorships, dissolution of partnerships and corporations, enforcement of liens, boundary lines, breach of contract, fraud, election contests, and other matters of a civil nature. The Clerk & Master handles the paperwork and fees associated with this court, and is sometimes called upon to act as a Chancellor to the court.
Circuit Court
Circuit Court Clerk
*Juror Information for Circuit Court
*Grand Juror Information
The Circuit Court hears cases such as appeals from lower courts, contract disputes, civil torts, condemnations, worker’s compensation claims, joint petition minor settlements, name changes, adoptions and domestic matters like divorce to name a few. The Circuit Court Clerk handles the paperwork and fees associated with this court.
Criminal Court
Criminal Court Clerk
The Criminal Courts handle both Felony & Misdemeanor cases. Cases are scheduled in Criminal Court after an Indictment is issued by the Grand Jury, after an original Presentment or Information is issued, or after an appeal is granted from a lower court judgment. Criminal Court trials are usually juried trials, although a Criminal Court Judge may hear a case without a jury.
All Court Dockets
Chancery Court
Circuit Court
Criminal Court
Juvenile Court
Sessions - Civil
Sessions - Criminal

Amendment To Written Plan Of Circuit And Chancery Courts For Gradual Recommencing Of In-Person Court Proceedings

Amendment to Written Plan - Circuit Court

Amendment to COVID-19 Judicial District Plan

Hamilton County plan to reopen court approved by the Supreme Court

Supreme Court Order continuing suspension of in-person court proceedings and extension of deadlines

Circuit and Chancery Court Suspension Notice

Letter from Circuit Court Judges

Circuit Court Order of Filing

Order and Protocols Filing of Documents By Electronic Mail in Chancery Court

Criminal Court Suspension Notice

Hamilton County Drug Recovery Court

Parenting Plan
 (For Circuit and Chancery Courts)

Order of Protection
 (For Circuit and Chancery Courts)

Directions and Map to County Courthouse for Chancery & Circuit Court

Directions and Map to County/City Courts Building for All Sessions Courts & Criminal Courts

Other Area Courts

Red Bank Court
East Ridge Court
Soddy Daisy Court
Collegedale Municipal Court

Judicial Commissioners Listing
General Sessions Court
Civil Division
Criminal Division
The General Sessions Court has a Civil and a Criminal Division. The General Sessions Civil Division is a court of limited jurisdiction with no jury trials. A person may represent her/himself without an attorney. The Criminal Division of General Sessions Courts only issue judgments for Misdemeanor criminal cases and traffic offenses. They have jurisdicion for Felony cases on a preliminary hearing basis to determine if there is sufficient cause for the case to be bound over to the Grand Jury. There are generally no juries in these Courts.
Juvenile Court
Juvenile Court Clerk
The Juvenile Court handles all cases in which a minor is involved. Children are referred to the Juvenile Court for reasons of delinquency, status offenses, and dependency and neglect issues. The Juvenile Court Clerk maintains and files all paperwork and fees for this court. They also act as a collection agent for the state to process child support.
District Attorney General
The goal of the Office of District Attorney General is to vigorously, competently, as well as fairly, prosecute individuals who choose to violate the criminal law in Hamilton County.This office also prosecutes all felony, state misdemeanor, and juvenile delinquency cases brought before the Hamilton County Juvenile Court. They represent crime victims in victim compensation hearings, and maintain and supervise the Victim Witness Assistance Program.
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