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Where is the Circuit Court Clerk located?
On the fifth floor of the Hamilton County Courthouse, Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Courthouse is located between 6th & 7th Streets and Walnut and Georgia Avenue.
What is the mailing address:
Circuit Court Clerk
500 Hamilton County Courthouse
625 Georgia Avenue
Chattanooga,Tennessee 37402-1911
What are the office hours?
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, except designated holidays
What is the phone number and fax number?
Phone: (423) 209-6700,  Fax: (423) 209-6701
How much are copies?
Copies – – are $.50 per page.Certified Copies are $5.00 plus $.50 per page.
Can I access case information from the internet?
Not at this time.
What is the filing fee for _________?
See our web page for the Filing Fees.
Who do I call concerning jury duty in Hamilton County?
Call the phone number listed on your jury summons, NOT the judges name that appears on the summons. 
What is the charge to file a divorce and/or civil suit?
See our web page for the Filing Fees.
Can I file a case without an attorney?
Yes. This office cannot give you any legal advice. This office does not have any forms.
Why did I receive a statement for court costs when I have never been to Court?
Court costs are determined by the pleadings filed in the Circuit Court – not an appearance in the Courtroom. The Judge assesses all costs.
How can an attorney issue a garnishment without notice?
Garnishments are issued only if a judgment has been entered.
Why didn’t my attorney pay the court costs?
Court costs are taxed to the parties, not attorneys.
How can I get a marriage annulled?
Any information regarding grounds for annulment or divorce will have to be answered by an attorney.
Where do I go to collect rent or for an eviction? (detainer)
General Sessions Court – Civil Division (423) 209-7630.
What is the phone number for City Court?
(423) 757-5141
What is the difference between a restraining order and an order of protection?
A restraining order is obtained by an attorney filing a petition. An order of protection can be obtained without an attorney – further information may be obtained from the Circuit Court by calling 423-209-6700.
What is the cost of an order of protection?
The costs are taxed at the conclusion of the case.
Where do I call for case information?
(423) 209-6700
Can you recommend an attorney?
No. You may call the lawyer Referral Service at (423) 266-5950.
What is the Divorce Education and Mediation Project?
See our web page for this project 
Can I talk to a Judge about my case?
No. Judges do not speak with individuals concerning matters they will have to rule on.
How are the cases assigned to a Judge?
Cases are randomly assigned each Thursday at the close of business.
Can you change attorneys?
Yes, but you need to discuss this with your current attorney.
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