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Please be aware:   The Hamilton County Court System will not call you and ask you for your social security number or for any of your credit card numbers. Do not provide any of this information to anyone claiming to represent the court system. This scam has happened in eleven states including Tennessee. If you receive a call like this please hang up and contact your local Sheriff’s department.
Welcome! To Hamilton County Jury Duty
The trial Judges and Circuit Court Clerk of the Eleventh Judicial District of Hamilton County welcome you to your jury service. This web site was created to provide useful information concerning jury duty in Hamilton County. We hope that all of your questions are answered. We realize it is difficult to reach us via telephone and for that we apologize. If you still have a question, after reading this web site, please give us a call at the number given on your summons or email the Jury Coordinator at
Serving on a Hamilton County Jury
Jury duty falls under one of the responsibilities of Larry L. Henry, the Circuit Court Clerk and Jury Coordinator for Hamilton County, Tennessee .

Jury duty touches the lives of about 25,000 residents each year. More than 3,000 people serve annually and each one has family, friends, employers and co-workers who are affected by their jury service.

The right to a trial by jury is the privilege of every person in the United States. Jury duty is a privilege, right, and a responsibility. We would not have a justice system without jurors.

Jurors decide whether criminal defendants are guilty or not guilty. Jurors also decide whether someone is to recover money for many different kinds of law suits.
Persons who are: 
  • Licensed drivers in Hamilton County
ELIGIBILITY: A person is only eligible for jury service if he or she is at least 18 years of age, is a citizen of the United States, has been a resident of Hamilton County for at least 12 months, has not served as a juror during the previous twenty-four (24) months, and has not been convicted of perjury, subornation of perjury, a felony, or any infamous offense. 
The following may be excused with proper documentation provided no later than the day a juror is scheduled to appear.
Prospective jurors who: 
  • have a mental or physical condition that causes that person to be incapable of performing jury service. 
  • show documentation that such service will constitute an undue or extreme physical or financial hardship
  • Proper documentation:
    • income tax returns
    • medical statements from a licensed physician
    • proof of dependency or guardianship
    • affidavit stating that the person is unable to obtain appropriate substitute caregiver

Failure to provide satisfactory documentation in a timely manner may result in a denial of the request to be excused. Any information faxed must include summons for proper identification. You may fax such documentation and summons to 423-209-7499.

You may postpone your jury service to a date the court will be in session. Please check calendar for available dates within twelve (12) months after the date on which you were originally called to serve. You may only postpone one time.
Jury duty in Hamilton County lasts two weeks if you are selected. Occasionally, trials will carry over longer than two weeks, but rarely. If you are seated on a case you are normally released between 5:00 and 6:00 P.M. Unfortunately,  you may spend some time waiting in the Jury Assembly Room before being seated on a jury panel due to other situations that might be occurring in the Courtroom. We try to release you and begin your service as soon as we can.
If selected to serve as a juror, you will receive $13.00 per day for attendance. If an employer employs less than five (5) people on a regular basis or if the juror has been employed by an employer on a temporary basis for less than six months, the employer is not required to compensate the juror during the period of jury service. All other Tennessee employers must provide a juror’s usual compensation for the time the juror actually spends serving and traveling to and from jury duty. An employer has the discretion to deduct the amount of compensation the juror receives from the court from the jurors pay. You may request a certificate of attendance when you report for jury duty if your employer requires such a certificate. If the employer needs specific times they must provide you with a time sheet to be completed by court staff.  (See Tennessee Code Annotated 22-4-106)
You may park in the Republic Parking garage located between the Courthouse and the Courts building. You can enter on Cherry Street or Walnut Street. You may park at any Republic Parking lot that has a cashier and the court will validate your parking ticket for a two ($2.00) dollar credit. Republic Parking has several lots available. There is a garage in the SunTrust Bank building located on Cherry Street, and there is a lot on 8th Street across from the Suntrust Bank.  These garages vary in price. The garage between the Courts building and Courthouse is five ($5.00) dollars a day. You may also park at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Republic Parking garage for free and ride a shuttle to the Broad Street Regions Bank. A shuttle leaves every five (5) to seven (7) minutes and takes about fifteen (15) minutes to arrive.

Your parking ticket will only be validated after the first day. After the first day you must bring your ticket with you to be validated by the courts. If you park at the Chattanooga Choo Choo you will be given a token that will pay for your entire parking fee.
Jurors must be dressed appropriately while in the courthouse. Although the judge will determine whether juror's attire is appropriate, jurors should not wear shorts, short skirts, sagging pants, see-through or suggestive clothing, visible undergarments (including undershirts and tank tops), flip flops, house shoes, bandanas, headbands, hats/caps, or clothing with inappropriate or offensive advertisements or slogans.
You will go through a metal detector in the Courthouse. No sharp metal objects allowed (e.g. pocket knives, nail clippers, tools, etc.). No laptop computers or outside food or beverages allowed. You will be asked to remove all items from your pockets, and your waist belt. To expedite the screening process we ask that you limit the items you bring with you.
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