Views of Hamilton County
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The Juvenile Court of Hamilton County is the official assembly for transaction of judicial business and the administration of justice as mandated by local, state and federal law with respect to the constitution of the United States on juvenile matters. Children are referred to the Juvenile Court for reasons of delinquent, status offenses, and dependency and neglect issues. The court is now involved in much more serious cases, the seriousness of offenses is escalating and the age of the offender is dropping often to below the age of ten. Because of this, the court has developed operations to insure that procedures represent the best interest of the child, family and community. Habilitation and rehabilitation of youth and preservation of the family unit remain the philosophical goal of the Hamilton County Juvenile Court.
  • To expedite judicial processing of all complaints.
  • To protect the needs of youth referred to the court.
  • To reduce the number of youth who recidivate to criminal behavior.
  • To protect youth in a state of dependency and/or neglect.
  • To divert from judicial intervention those cases meeting pre-defined criteria.
  • To maintain data and records for evaluation and planning of court services.
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