Views of Hamilton County
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The Clerk of the Circuit Court maintains Circuit and Sessions Civil Courts. The Clerk is a state mandated constitutional official. The Clerk’s responsibility is to attend the court by providing staff, which performs all the clerical functions for the courts. The Clerk is responsible for the management of all complaints, petitions, summons, orders and other documents relating to lawsuits filed with the court. The Clerk also handles the collection, receipt, and accounting for all litigation taxes, court costs, fines, fees, and restitution as ordered by the court. The Clerk also handles the collection, receipt, and civil warrants, Detainer warrants, executions, garnishments, subpoenas and other related documents as assigned by law, preparation of reports to the County and the State of Tennessee. The Clerk collects and disburses child support payments as ordered by the Circuit Court Judges. The Clerk is also responsible for filing Orders of Protection, Judicial Hospital cases and Emergency Committals.

The Circuit Court Clerk also serves as a clerk to the Board of Jury Commissioners and maintains current data on all prospective jurors and handles the empanelling of jurors for Circuit, Criminal and Chancery Courts.

The Parenting Coordinator for Hamilton County, who assists the courts and litigants in domestic cases with children, is also under the supervision of the Circuit Court Clerk.
  1. Serve the Judges, lawyers and citizens of the County in an efficient, attentive and courteous manner;
  2. Provide the most cost-effective service possible to the public and to members of the legal profession;
  3. Manage and process court documents with speed and accuracy;
  4. Collect litigation taxes, fees, fines and court costs as cases are concluded;
  5. Receipt and disburse collections timely;
  6. Prepare reports to the State of Tennessee in compliance with established guidelines; and
  7. Research new technology that would increase the efficiency and decrease the cost of operation.
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