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Local gardeners and farmers can compete for cash and ribbon awards in the Agricultural competition for the County Fair. Most of the commonly grown fruits, vegetables, and crops of this area can be entered in various categories.

The fresh vegetables and fruits class includes products like potatoes, onions, southern peas, okra, hot peppers, bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, apples, pears, turnips, and peanuts. Class II includes winter squash, pumpkins, watermelons, sunflowers, and ornamental gourds.

Field crop competition includes hay, mixed legume and grass, alfalfa, silage, soybeans, wheat, and white and yellow corn.  


This year the fair includes exhibits and demonstrations for cattle, sheep, rabbits, swine, chickens, and goats. There will be poultry competitions for youth. The poultry show will include the 4-H chick-chain show and FFA and vocational school exhibits. There will be youth showmanship classes for 4-H animal exhibitors.

The rabbit show will involve a number of breeds and is sanctioned by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). The open-air shelter again will be home to prize beef cattle, sheep and goats on display. This giant shelter enlarges the agricultural area and allows more room for showing livestock during the fair. This facility compliments the livestock arena constructed several years ago. Both the arena and the open-air shelter are available for use by visitors to Chester Frost Park year-round.

Forestry exhibits by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture are scheduled as well as beekeeping demonstrations by local beekeepers. Exhibits by local 4-H students will show club and individual projects reflecting 4-H studies.

The "trained" baby ducks that are always a hit at the fair will make a return appearance. The newborn ducklings are trained to climb a small ladder and slide down a chute splashing into a pool of water below. Kids of all ages love the baby ducks.  


There is not a flower show at the county fair any longer.


Last year over 250 people entered 740 items in various categories for the Home-Centered events. The number of entries is expected to increase this year. White, red and blue ribbon awards and premiums are given for first, second, and third place in each category.

Categories for this year's fair are an Art Competition, Crafts, Baked Goods and Clothing. The Crafts category includes basketry, ceramics, woodcarving, woodworking, cross-stitch, weaving, hand knitting, quilted items, miniatures, toys, Christmas ornaments, and more. The Clothing category includes dresses, skirts, suits and coats, children's garments, and more. The Baked Goods category has lots for pies, candies, quick breads, cakes, yeast breads, and cookies.

Display and judging of the entries will take place inside the Chester Frost Pavilion.

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