Views of Hamilton County
Blue Rounded Corner
  1. Stake out the building or addition.

  2. --Any addition to a residence must be at least five feet from the septic tank and ten feet from the field lines.
    --In-ground pools or additions that require the existing grade to be cut more than one foot must have a 25 foot setback from the field lines.
  3. Complete the application for “Use of Existing Septic System”
  4. You may be required to obtain a soils map from an approved soil consultant to submit with your application.
  5. See Soil Consultants List for a list of consultants in Tennessee.
  6. Within 3 days of the submission of your application, an inspector will visit the site and determine if state regulations have been met.
    --If regulations have been met, a permit will be issued for the building, or approval will be given for the addition.
    --If regulations are not met, your application cannot be approved unless there are minor changes that can be made to comply with the regulations.
    --If the application is denied, individuals may seek a variance from the state.
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