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The Information Technology Services Department was first begun in 1972 borrowing time on other computers. Today there are 36 employees. We provide full service for all information management needs for Hamilton County Government.

Information Technology Services is responsible for the County’s Internet web site and the Intranet for internal use. We are responsible for a network that serves approximately 1100 people, network services such as Internet access, email, work group application and information sharing and security. Information Technology Services provides selection, design, development and maintenance support for applications such as finance packages, a criminal justice application for the Sheriff and the Criminal Clerk, property appraisal, tax collections and many others.

Information Technology Services has full-time production support, application development services on the Internet and in the client server world. I.T.S. has a professional instructor to teach information technology skills to county employees and to aid each department in disseminating specific application knowledge and skills.

The mission of Information Technology Services is to provide total support for all Hamilton County Government in the information technology area. To accomplish this goal Information Technology Services is constantly upgrading its corporate skills and keeping up to date on new developments in the field. We are constantly maintaining and upgrading the mainframe, its peripherals and the applications that use this platform. We continually work to improve access to all data and data functions on the mainframe, the network, individual PC’s and personal assistant devices belonging to Hamilton County.
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