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The Hamilton County Information Technology Department has a mission to provide fast, efficient, and secure access to business critical data and resources for all government offices.

The Information Technology Department can be described by five main functional areas: Network Management and Support, Application Development and Support, Database Management, Helpdesk Services and Office Management.

Network Management and Support sets up and supports the network infrastructure for the County network. Network security and data integrity are the main focus for Network Management. This infrastructure allows for services such as e-mail and internet access to take place. Network management and support also sets up wireless access for county employees and visitors to the county offices. The County’s internet website and the intranet website are managed by network management. Also, network management is responsible for file servers and back-up of all data on the network.

Application Development and support, designs, creates, and implements in-house business applications for county offices. Among those are Criminal Justice, Juvenile Court, Building Inspection, and various others. Application Development and support also supports vendor’s third-party applications such as OneSolution for Finance and Human Resources, the AssessPro Property Appraisal System, and others.

Database Management manages and supports the various database management systems. These database management systems are the data repositories for the various business applications throughout the County.

Helpdesk Services answers calls made to the helpdesk directed phone line, records calls into a helpdesk management system, and assigns helpdesk ticket to the specific area of expertise.

Office Management provides office support such as purchasing, secretarial duties, receptionist duties, computer and peripheral equipment inventory maintenance, and other support for the office.

All of the areas described above help Information Technology provide IT services to all offices in Hamilton County Government.

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