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As Hamilton County Mayor I am committed to improving the lives of Hamilton County citizens. To do so I have created four initiatives to protect the beauty of the Tennessee Valley that we live in, further the education of our school children, preparing them for the challenging, technical jobs we are bringing to Hamilton County and to promote better wellness and activity through our Step ONE program. These four programs are just part of our ongoing effort to make Hamilton County the best community in America.

I invite you to read about them and thank you for your interest in our home.

Hamilton Shines logo Hamilton Shines Mission is to reduce the practice of littering through education and enforcement. Littering is not a problem that is specific to any one area or demographic, it is everywhere. The intention is to bring about a heightened awareness to all citizens, young and old, that there are laws against littering and that littering does have consequences.

Read all about the Hamilton Shines program here. 


Read20 logoIt is now the mission of the people of Hamilton County to ensure that all children are able to read at or above grade level by the end of third grade. To accomplish this goal, a team of more than 140 citizens and business leaders have created a strategic plan that addresses the challenges we face. The program is called Read 20.

 Read all about the Read 20 program here.


Step1 logoThe Step ONE Initiative is a county-wide effort to address the problem of obesity in our community and promote physical fitness and healthy lifestyles. The Hamilton County Health Department has partnered with the Mayor of Hamilton County, and the Hamilton County Regional Health Council to launch this initiative. Step One will serve all citizens in an effort to improve nutritional practices and physical activity.

Read all about the Step1 program here. 

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