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Blank Forms

The Register's office does not carry blank forms for legal documents. Many times blank forms do not meet a particular state law's required information for filing requirements. Necessary filing information may vary state to state.

Changing a Deed

A title company or attorney should prepare any new deed. Always record the deed in the Register of Deed's office as soon as possible.

Conveying Right-of-Ways or Easements

An attorney or title company should prepare any document to convey a right-of-way or easement. To grant a right-of-way or easement, please, contact a professional for preparation of the instruments. Always record the completed document in the Register of Deed's Office as soon as possible.

Copies of Instruments

The Register's Office will be glad to mail any requested copies of deeds. The proper procedure is for one to call the office at (423) 209-6560. Upon request the information clerk will look up the deed and report the number of pages in the instrument. One would then send a request of the specific Book and Page of the instrument and enclose .50 per page requested. Please include the return address for the copies to be mailed to, and a phone number. Send the request to Pam Hurst, Register, 625 Georgia Ave., Room 400 Courthouse Bldg., and Chatt., TN 37402.

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Document Training & Requirement Guide

This guide helps document preparers with TCA filing requirements needed on a particular document in order to file it.

Easements & Restrictions

The Register's Office does not perform title searches. In order to find all of the easements and restrictions on a certain property, one would have to perform a title search. If you have a title policy on the property in question, refer to schedule "B" for reference to any restrictions and easements that apply to the property. We will be glad to view a copy of your recorded deed and report the book and page of any easements or restrictions mentioned on the deed.

Fee Calculator

Allows document preparers to calculate the correct filing fees for a specific document type.

How to Release a Mortgage

When one pays off a mortgage, it is the responsibility of the mortgage holder to release the Deed of Trust. Tennessee Code 66-25-102 recites the penalty for failure of the mortgage holder to release the instrument promptly.

Many times when a mortgage company sends a release for a borrower, the company requests the release to be mailed back to the mortgage company. Then the company generally forwards it to the customer. Please, contact the mortgage company or holder of the mortgage if you recently paid off a loan and have questions about the release of your mortgage.

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Internet or Remote Access

The Register is allowed to charge for remote access to the records. Registers and other county officials are authorized to provide remote electronic access for viewing of records of the office which are maintained on computer storage media during regular business hours. Registers are authorized to charge users of information through remote access a reasonable amount sufficient to recover the costs of providing this service, and may not charge any more for this service. This charge may not include the cost of storage and maintenance of the records or of the electronic record storage system. Registers may not charge a fee for viewing records in the office, electronically or otherwise. A remote viewing system must not allow the alteration or impairment of the records by the remote viewer. Registers who provide remote electronic access for viewing records must file a statement with the Comptroller of the Treasury describing the computer equipment, software and procedures 30 days prior to offering this service. This statement must describe how remote access will not allow remote user to alter the records. Once a remote information system is in place, all members of the public who are willing to pay the user fee must be given access to the system. T.C.A. ยง 10-7-123.

Preparing a Deed, Mortgage, Release, etc.

One should have all legal documents prepared by an attorney or title company. Once prepared correctly, the documents should be recorded immediately in the Register's Office. For your convenience, click here to see the current fee schedule for recording documents.. Recording of all legal documents is subject to that document's meeting all legal requirements, and to the payment of applicable fees. A Document Training & Requirement Guide is posted to help legal entities know filing requirements for a certain document type. Go here to view the guide:

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  • For current county tax information
    please call the Hamilton County Trustee, (423)209-7270.
  • For county back tax information
    please call the Back Tax Office, (423) 209-7272.
  • For Chattanooga city tax information
    please call the City Treasurer's Office, (423) 757-5191.
Tennessee Department of Revenue Conveyance and Mortgage Taxes

For further questions about the taxes collected in the Register of Deed's Office, please contact Diann Schneider, Tennessee Department of Revenue, 6th Floor Andrew Jackson State Office Building, 500 Deaderick, Nashville, TN 37242, (615) 253-0680, & Fax (615) 741-1731.

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Title Search

The Register of Deed's office does not perform title searches. You may contact the attorney or title company of your choice to issue an attorney's title opinion or to have a title search on property.

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