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Program: Conservation Education
Target Audience: Children Grades Preschool – High School

Sammy Soil and Ruby Raindrop Costumed Characters
(Preschool – 3rd Grade)

Sammy Soil is a brown clod of soil with green grass on top of his head. He teaches children about the importance of soil and how to protect it. Sammy Soil Coloring Books are given to students, as well as stickers, and farm animal erasers.

Ruby Raindrop is a light blue raindrop with a splash of water at her waist. Ruby teaches children about the many uses of water and how they can keep water clean and clear. Kindergarten teachers are given activity packets which contain sheets that can be reproduced for students to use throughout the year. Activity packets for special needs students are also available.

Enviroscape Model
(Can be adapted for kindergarten – High School Students)

A interactive portable model of a watershed that dramatically demonstrates water pollution and water pollution prevention techniques. A great communication and educational tool.

Envir-O-Throw Game
(Kindergarten – 8th Grade)

A fun and educational ball throw game. Students answer questions, based on their age, about farm animals, plants etc. by throwing a ball to the correct answers. Prizes for everyone.

Soil Tunnel
(Kindergarten – 3rd Grade)

Sammy Soil’s new friend "Edgar Earthworm" invites students to visit his home. They can crawl through Edgar’s home to see some of the things that live in the soil. See the different soil textures, animal homes, roots and lots of critters.

BRACELETS – Earth, Farm and Energy
(Kindergarten – 3rd Grade)

Students are given their own bracelet with beads on leather strips. We discuss the farm or earth (recycling) and/or energy. The bracelets help the students to remember what they have learned.Other conservation messages can also be adapted to this craft.

Other Materials Available

  • Reference Materials
  • Videos
  • Environmental Board Games
  • Posters
  • CDROM's

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