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Our Vision:  Harmony between people and the land
The Hamilton County Soil Conservation district was organized on October 1, 1951.  It is a legal subdivision of the state government authorized by the Soil Conservation District law of 1939.  The District is directed by a five member Board of Supervisors, two are appointed to office and three are elected by local landowners.  They serve a three year term and receive no salary.

The Hamilton County Soil Conservation District directs a program of natural resource conservation within Hamilton County. The District has assembled various inventories and assessments of the resources in the county.  The data is constantly being updated and revised to reflect our changing times. Inventories and assessments along with federal, state, and local laws and regulations are the primary tools used to assist the board in carrying out their environmental responsibilities.

Hamilton County SCD Conservation Programs

Conservation Technical Assistance
We provide technical expertise on a variety of natural resource problems for the land-users in Hamilton County of non-Federal land. We assist our clients in protection, conservation, and enhancement of our natural resources (soil, water, air, plants, and animals) through the use of Best Management Practices (BMPs). Many inquiries are concerning farm ponds. We provide information on:
  • Planning, design, and proper installation of a farm pond
  • Recommended treatment of algae growth on pond surface
  • Recommended treatment for leaking ponds
  • Permit requirements by Federal, State, and/or Local Law for agricultural practices
CTA includes, but is not limited to the following program areas:
Environmental Assessment Data
We have several types of maps for Hamilton County:
  • Historical aerial photographs for the years: 1953, 1964, 1972, 1982 and 1992
  • U.S.G.S. Topographical Maps (Quad Sheets)
  • F.E.M.A. Flood Insurance Rate Maps
  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife National Wetlands Inventory
  • 1982 Infrared aerial photography.
  • Soil Survey including Prime Farmland and Hydric Soils.
Fish Day
The SCD sponsors fish-stocking service to area residents. The supplier will be in the office parking lot to answer questions and supply low-cost catfish, bluegill, bass, Grass carp, crappie, minnows, and bream. Call the office for the exact date and available fish types at 423/894-1687 ext. 3.
Hamilton County Agriculture Hall Of Fame
The Hall of Fame was established in 1990 to recognize and honor those individuals who have made significant contributions in agriculture, Silva culture and rural development to Hamilton County. Honorees are nominated by the public and voted on by the Hall of Fame Committee Members and past inductees. Committee Membership consists of one representative from: Ag Credit, Farm Credit Services, Farm Bureau, Hamilton County Soil Conservation District, Tennessee Department of Agriculture-Forestry Division, U.S.D.A.-Farm Service Agency, U.S.D.A.-Natural Resources Conservation Service, and U.T. Extension Service and USDA Rural Development. The honors banquet is held in October of every odd-numbered year.
Hamilton County Farm Tour
The Farm Tour is held in July of every even-numbered year. The tour highlights recent agriculture innovations, successful agriculture enterprises, and local problem area treatments in Hamilton and surrounding counties. Leadership for the tour rotates among the Tennessee Department of Agriculture-Forestry Division, U.S.D.A.-Farm Service Agency, U.S.D.A.-Natural Resources Conservation Service, and U.T. Extension Service and the Hamilton County Soil Conservation District.
Resource Conservation and Development Program
The Hamilton County SCD is a member of the Southeast Tennessee Resource Conservation and Development Council, which is comprised of 13 southeastern Tennessee Counties. They are headquartered in Athens, Tennessee and can be reached at 423/507-1252.
Soil Survey
The official Soil Survey of Hamilton County, Tennessee was updated in 1982. It is a publication of the National Cooperative Soil Survey and contains predictions of soil behavior for selected land uses. The survey also highlights limitations and hazards inherent in the soil, improvements needed to overcome the limitations, and the impact of selected land uses on the environment. It is useful for farmers, foresters, community planners, engineers, developers, homebuyers, conservationists, teachers, and students. The Web Soil Survey is now available online at
Soil Testing
We do not do the Soil Testing for pH, lime and fertilizer requirements for crops and/or lawn grasses. Contact the U. T. -Agricultural Extension Service at 423/855-6113 or We can assist you with interpretation of the results for application rates.
Tree Day
For over forty years, the Kiwanis Club of Chattanooga, Tennessee Department of Agriculture-Forestry Division, and BI-LO have joined with the SCD to distributed FREE trees to the general public. The giveaway is held at area malls each March. Please call the office for the exact date and time, species of trees and place for the next Tree Day.

Click on picture to view the display of Appalachian Quilt Trail. If you would like to have the display set up at your City Hall, or for a civic organization or meeting group, please call us!

 Appalachian Quilt Trail Display

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