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Project WET – Water Education for Teachers
The Water Quality Program provides opportunities for teachers to attend workshops administered by the Project WET program. The program facilitates and promotes awareness, appreciation, knowledge, and stewardship of water resources through their classroom ready teaching aids and the establishment of international Project WET programs.
**Water Quality "UTC 3600 1012" Class taught by Tim McDonald (slide presentation)
Project WET on PBS Tennesee Wild Side
WaterWorks! is a pilot public education program through the Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) Center for Environmental Education designed to promote clean water in Tennessee. This statewide education and outreach program provides public service announcements in cooperation with the Tennessee Association of Broadcasters at a greatly reduced rate.
Clean up Stormwater Using Best Management Practices (BMPs)
Tennessee Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Training and Certification Program for Construction Sites
The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) has adopted a general permit to aid in the erosion prevention and sediment control at construction sites. An integral part of improving water quality in Tennessee’s streams is the training of those requesting coverage under the TDEC Construction General Permit (CGP) Notice of Intent (NOI).  To meet this need, the Center has developed two training workshops for developers, contractors, engineers and other professionals, inspection personnel, and enforcement officials responsible for all aspects of preparation and implementation of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) for preventing erosion and controlling sediment at construction sites one (1) acre or more in size. Workshop participants will receive resource notebooks and materials used by the instructors in presenting the courses. Handout materials include the Tennessee Erosion & Sediment Control Handbook of recommended Best Management Practices (BMPs), TDEC Construction General Permit requirements, and SWPPP example; manual of Design Principles for Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control for Construction Sites; all workshop presentation slides; and a CD containing several other public domain design and analysis software and reference materials. As of June 17, 2007, all persons assigned to inspect erosion and sediment controls are required to obtain a Level I Certification.

The Program is developing a comprehensive construction site BMP manual and a Post-construction runoff control manual. In the meantime, the BMPs provided in the Tennessee Erosion and Sediment Control Handbook are the accepted methods for the program. Tennessee’s Handbook is available Here.
Proper disposal methods for household hazardous wastes and other liquid wastes can be found  Here
Rain Gardens - Storm Water Mitigation (youtube video)  
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TN Yards and Neighborhoods Newsletter
Master Gardener's Rainbarrel Workshops Information
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