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The information contained in these files is current and is updated on a daily basis. If there is a question regarding the information contained herein or if you need verification of any of the information contained, please address all inquiries to The Criminal Court Clerk’s Office, telephone number 423-209-7500; or by mail at 600 Market Street, Room 102, Courts Building, Chattanooga, TN 37402. The Criminal Court Clerk’s Office does charge a fee for searching records and providing certified documentation of criminal records.

While every attempt is made to be accurate, this site is not intended as "official" information and does not attempt to speak for Hamilton County, the Criminal Court Clerk, the District Attorney General, the Criminal Courts, or the General Sessions Courts of Hamilton County.

Positive verification of an individual from the information contained herein is not possible. This information is obtained from the arresting officer and the individuals arrested. Names may be confused or misused. Many uninvolved persons have the same name as that of the individuals contained herein. Hamilton County bears no responsibility for the accuracy of the accessed documentation, but only vouches for the authenticity of the court records. The use and/or dissemination of the information contained herein is at your own risk.

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