Hamilton County Register of Deeds
Application for Electronic Access

Phone: (423) 209-6560   Fax: (423) 209-6561

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Please fill out this application first; this information will be used to create account for you (or your business). Once you have completed this form, please call our office during business hours (423-209-6560)(Monday – Friday / 8 AM – 4 PM / Except Holidays). We will collect billing information from you and complete the application process.

Electronic Access Fees: $50.00 per firm per location, or individual, per month, free copies, except for microfilm copies emailed from the Register’s Office.


I/We agree to notify the Register’s Office promptly of any changes to the application information, including information regarding contact names, addresses, users. Firm will be responsible for any user I.D.s assigned.

I/We agree to use the system for read only information with the authorized searches created named Party, Document, Property, and Quick Search and will be keyed by a person. I/We will not attempt to alter, delete, or obtain the data by accessing/trespassing, including data botting, mining, scraping, or any other connection with Hamilton County Government databases through an unauthorized computer software and or server. Any user trying to acquire unauthorized access will immediately be deactivated. Flash drives are not permitted for connection to the Register’s data. All pc ports for flash drives are deactivated.

I/We agree to pay the stated amounts for charges to access the records. I/We agree to pay for the $1.00 per page copies ordered, emailed or faxed to us that are made from microfilm. A balance due over 30 days will result in the account being disconnected.

I/We agree to give a 30-day written notice for cancellation of the account. No proration will be given for the days continuing to the end of the month after the 30-day notice has run.

I/We agree that all use and access to this system will be conducted from and within the United States of America.

The system will be available, subject to occasionally repair and or maintenance.

Any violations of this agreement may result in the cancellation of this account without notice.

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