Checklist for closing a Business

Contact the County Clerk to terminate your business license.

  • Standard Business License—a final Business Tax Return must be filed with the Tennessee Department of Revenue within 15 days of closing
  • Minimal Activity Business License—you only need to notify the County Clerk’s Office at 423-209-6500 or email
  • Contact the Assessor's Personal Property department at 423-209-7300 to inform them of your business closing. Failure to close your account will result in future forced assessments.
  • Contact the Trustee at 423-209-7270 for any outstanding Tangible Personal Property Tax.
  • Contact the Tennessee Department of Revenue at 1-800-342-1003 to cancel your business license.

Note: Anyone in business on January 1st of any given year is responsible for the entire year’s Tangible Personal Property Tax, even if they closed their business prior to December 31st of that same year. If you need assistance or if you have additional questions regarding Tangible Personal Property, please call 423-209-7300.

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