Divorce Education and Mediation Program

Effective December 1, 1997, the Circuit and Chancery Courts of Hamilton County have implemented a program established and directed by the legislature to focus attention of divorcing parents on the effect of divorce on their minor children. The program is authorized by Chapter 557 of the Public Acts of 1997 and can be found at T.C.A. Sec 36-6-401, et seq.


03/19/2020 - Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Court has approved until notified otherwise, parents may fulfill their parenting seminar obligation via ZOOM, an interactive video class presentation in lieu of an in-person classroom setting.

PLEASE NOTE: This ZOOM offering is not to be confused with an Online Parenting Course, which DOES NOT meet the requirement for a parenting class in this jurisdiction.

Three of our four providers are ZOOM only; one instructor still provides an in-person class.

Requirements for Divorce Involving Children

  1. Both parents must attend a four hour seminar on the impact of divorce on Children.
    List of Approved Parent Education Classes (PDF)
  2. Must file parenting plans with the original complaint or petition and, if disputed, the answer.
    Parenting Plan Forms (State of TN website)
  3. Must attempt to mediate all disputes over the parenting plan before coming to court.
    Local rule 10.06 regarding Family Law Mediation


The requirements of the legislation will apply to all cases involving the custody or support of minor children except Title IV-D cases.

Mediation is not required prior to court in cases where it is found that a parent has engaged in physical or sexual abuse or a pattern of emotional abuse of a child or a person living with the child.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who pays for this seminar?
Answer: The cost of education and mediation will be borne by the parties and will be based on ability to pay. The parties will be free to use any mediator, but if they are unable to agree, the courts will only appoint certified Rule 31 mediators.

Question: Who do I contact if I have questions about this requirement?
Answer: You can email Linda Youngquist or call 423-209-6657

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