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How to Prepare for Juvenile Court

Everyday the Juvenile Court of Hamilton County hears cases which will have long-term effects on the lives of children. Due to the seriousness of many of these cases, the Court would like to take this opportunity to assist you in being fully prepared for your cases.

Our staff will make every effort to treat you with respect and courtesy while your case is before the Court. By following the rules of the court, you assist the Court in moving your case as quickly and efficiently as possible through the process.

Juvenile Court Procedures

Below is a summary of key rules to help you prepare:

  1. Be on time for court. Upon arrival at the court you will need to inform the staff of the case name (child's name) and your name.
  2. Dress appropriately for court. Please do not wear cutoffs, shorts, tank tops, halter tops, or other types of informal clothing.
  3. Your best behavior is expected for court. Please do not chew gum, eat, drink, or smoke in the courtroom.
  4. Leave small children with a responsible adult at home unless they are involved in the proceedings.
  5. If you have a fine or court cost, payment will be due the day of the court hearing, unless the Judge states otherwise.

If you have questions regarding these guidelines, please call 209-5100. Thank you for helping us to serve you more efficiently.

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