Fees & Taxes

The following are Hamilton County fees and taxes. If you are looking for state level tax information, go to the Tennessee Department of Revenue

The following forms, applications or services are viewable online. Some forms may be filled out online, and some you may have to print out and mail in. If you are experiencing problems with Hamilton County Data Systems, then see Help Desk Support.

Child Support

Contact the Central Child Support Receipting Unit regarding child support payments. (Phone: 800-838-6911) (Address: P.O. Box 305200 Nashville, TN 37229)

Register of Deeds

The Register is responsible for collecting and accounting for all fees and taxes due as allowed by law. You can search all of the records for a fee.

Court Fees

Each individual court has their own fee schedules and ways to make payments. Click the link below to view those.

Delinquent Stormwater Fee

Search for your stormwater collections status (Online Form) by searching by Address, Name, Bill Number or Map Group Parcel.

Water & Wastewater Treatment Authority (WWTA) Sewer Bill

You can now pay your sewer bill online or by phone (1-844-657-2837) at any time of day. You can also go to one of WWTA's walk-in payment locations.

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