Financial Management Department

The primary function of Financial Management is to provide financial and analytical consultant services; develop, implement, and monitor a financial plan, conduct budget training for departments, and produce information to assist the County Mayor’s mission of good government under the guidance of the Finance Administrator and Assistant Finance Administrator in order to maintain the County’s fiscal integrity and accountability, as well as to support effective decision-making. In addition, Financial Management prepares and publishes the Comprehensive Annual Budget Report (CABR). The Accounting Department manages the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

Current County Bond Ratings as of 09/01/2020:

Moody's Investors Service - Aaa
Fitch Inc. - AAA
Standard & Poor's - AAA

Moody's Investors Service, Fitch Inc. and Standard & Poor's are three different ways to rate the risk of bonds. In Moody’s the lowest risk bond type is a Aaa. In Fitch’s the lowest risk bond type is a AAA. In Standard & Poor’s the lowest risk bond type is a AAA.
Hamilton County has maintained this distinction since 2011 and is the only county in Tennessee to receive this valued rating from all three rating agencies.

Address & Contact Information

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Address: 455 North Highland Park Avenue, McDaniel Building Chattanooga, TN 37404

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.
Except for these holidays

Phone number: 423-209-6373 and FAX number: 423-209-6331