County Commission Committees

In addition to regular meetings, there are also 9 sub-committees which hold meetings either directly before or after normal meetings.

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The Diversity and Equity Committee

This committee identifies and recommends strategies for addressing benefits, as well as, barriers to diversity and equity. They also formulate recommendations that will assist in enhancing and maintaining a diverse and equitable environment in county government. This committee may also plan information sessions that promote awareness of diversity and equity related issues.

The Building and Economic Development Committee

This committee deals with new construction and major renovation of county buildings, contracts and new industries. This committee also serves as the liaison between the County Commission and existing businesses to assist them with any problems they may have. By working with economic development, the County Mayor and other organizations they hope to promote recruitment of new businesses and industries.

The Education Committee

This committee monitors the Hamilton County School system, consults with the Superintendent and board members to assess needs, make suggestions and support actions to develop and maintain high quality educational programs for all children of Hamilton County.

The Finance and Insurance Committee

This committee is responsible for county spending, discretionary funds, and all insurance matters. They work with the Finance Department and County Auditor throughout the year in all matters concerning county finances and coordinate budget preparation with the County Mayor, the Finance Department and all Commissioners.

The Legal and Legislative Committee

This committee handles legal matters involving county government, including relations between the Mayoral and Legislative branches, rules and regulations of the Commission, and State legislative matters.

The Health, Human Services, Personnel, Arts, Recreation, and Public Relations Committee

This committee works with all health and safety services, reviews personnel relations, benefits, grievances, and policies, and oversees recreational facilities and projects.

The Roads, Waste, Energy, Transportation and Zoning Committee

This committee focuses on planning for future developments and and tries to solve possible problems regarding funding, energy, and zoning. They also work on utilizing all rolling stock, garages, and parking lots.

The Security and Corrections Committee

This committee oversees the security of Hamilton County buildings and property. They also coordinate with the Corrections Advisory Board to assist in areas concerning prison population and the development of a vocational educational program for inmates.

The Delinquent Tax Property Special Committee

This committee oversees and approves of the sale of delinquent tax property as presented by the Real Property Office. Read more about Delinquent Tax Property Sales.


11 District Final November 2, 2021

11 District Final November 2 2021

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